New In | Mac Taupe & Sin Lipstick


2014-09-27 13.22.53

I am craving a high end make-up collection right now.,. but do I ever not crave to have big collections haha? I think I will start with collecting some more Mac lipsticks. I found these lipsticks by accident caus I honestly didn’t know where to start with all the lipstick shades Mac has. I found these two in a Mac autumn lipstick video and of course I fell in love. Usually I am not a nude lipstick person but I feel myself falling in love with brownish shades and Taupe is just perfect! It is a matte finish lipstick and applies so easily! I unfortunately can’t say the same about Sin. A very pretty vampy red colour. I love the shade but man this is so hard to apply! You definitely need a brush with this. And this lipstick isn´t the best to wear for a long time as well… However I still like to wear this on short days and it´s still a very pretty dark red! It´s more pinkish than Mac Diva. I really do recommend Taupe as it’s such a easy colour! (And I hate how my camera picked it up SO pink in the first picture…)

Mac Taupe and Mac Sin are both €18,50

Outfit | I just keep on falling back to the same old


Hey guys!

I am so happy that it’s flannel season again! So of course I could’t hold myself back from ordering a new blouse from CherryCameTo, my all time favourite. Normally I don’t like blue but I love this blouse! The blue is just the perfect blue hahaha. Oh and I found out that some new kids at school find me creepy and scary which always happen. I find it so funny hahaha I don’t know. I wonder where they get the idea from that I am scary. So that’s where the creepin’ it real shirt comes from!

What I am wearing:
– Blouse (CherryCameTo)
– Shirt (Batoko)
– Jeans (H&M)
– Shoes (Dr. Martens)

Thanks for reading!

Pamper With me #5 | “The Floating Sun Potion” Lush Halloween Bath Cocktail


I love Halloween… the problem is that it isn’t super big here in Holland. So when it’s the season I like to grab every opportunity to do/make something Halloween inspiring (god I just got my stiletto nails again and I am typing sooo slow). This bath was supposed to be very autumny as I copied this bath cocktail from someone who said it was an autumn cocktail. I didn’t smell the Fizzbanger first because I’ve ordered it online but to me it smells just like Dextro! Nevertheless I wasn’t pulled back from this cocktail because of the smell, instead I got very Halloween inspired by it! I love the Sunny Side bubble bar because the shimmer looks so amazing! It just whirls around and is sooo pretty! Just like a witch potion or cauldron…

So for this bath cocktail I used:
– The Fizzbanger
– 1/2 Floating Island Bath Melt
– 1/2 Sunny Side Bubble Bar


Thanks for reading and have a lovely bath!

Outfit | First Plaid Of The Season




Wassup guys?

So I really wanna talk about my life and stuff but there is not really anything exciting happening at the moment… I am busy reading my books I had to read last year whilst getting more books to read this year as well SO READ YOUR BOOKS KIDS!  I don’t hate reading but the books we have to read are just not my type of books… And I really want to read Mockingjay again because of the new movie coming out. Speaking of that, did you guys see the trailer today? What did you think? I didn’t think it wasn’t that exciting to be honest, and I feel the same way about the new Hobbit movie trailer… the actual movies better be better than the trailers…

So actually it is 20 degrees celcius plus here right now but my school thinks it is super cool to make it super cool in school. Way to go for the energy charges right! Just put the air condition on full power because hell let’s spend some money!!! It is seriously sweater weather in school while it is tank top weather outside… So that is why I dusted of my beloved plaid blouse and already gasped at all the lovely plaid blouses on/from cherrycameto… I should make a stop at my local thrift store soon to check if they have some plaid for me.

What I am wearing:
– Blouse (CherryCameTo)
– Shirt (NikkiLipstick)
– Jeans (Bershka)
– Shoes (Dr. Martens)
– Lipstick (NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer Turtle Bay Toffee)

Beauty | This Week’s Make-up #4

2014-09-11 07.49.44

– (Sleek Vintage Romance Palette) Bliss In Barcelona in the middle of my eye
– (MUA Undress Me Too Palette) Exposed above the middle
– (MUA Undress Me Too Palette) Corrupt in the crease
– (Sleek Vintage Romance Palette) Meet In Madrid as highlighter
-Essence The Lash Curler Mascara
-Tightlined with a black eye pencil

2014-09-12 18.34.30

– (Sleek Au Naturel Palette) Taupe in the middle of my eye
– (Sleek Au Naturel Palette) Bark in the inner and outer corne and in the crease
– (Sleek Au Naturel Palette) Taupe as highligher
-Essence The Lash Curler Mascara
-Tightlined with a black eye pencil

Processed with VSCOcam

– (Sleek Vintage Romance Palette) Meet In Madrid in the inner corner
– Makeup Geek Shimmermint in the 1/3 of my eye
– Makeup Geek Poison Ivy in the 2/3 of my eye
– (Sleek Sparkle 2) Misletoe in the 3/3 of my eye
– Catrice Charly’s Chocolate Factory in the crease
– (MUA Undress Me Too Palette) Corrupt to darken up the crease
-Essence The Lash Curler Mascara
-Tightlined with a black eye pencil

The last look will be one of my “signature”fall eyelooks this fall I think! With school I am not creating a new eyelook every day so that’s why there are only 3 looks this week. Now with school I am not even sure if I will do a This Week’s Makeup every week because I wear the same looks (Like the second on in this post) a lot haha.

What is your signature fall look?

Pamper With Me #4 | Lush Bath Cocktail “Visit At Grandma’s” (fail)


I was inspired by the bath bomb Granny Takes A Dip for this bath cocktail. And when I think of grandmas I think about them stuffing us with candy. And that’s how this cocktail was made. I picked of course Granny Takes A Dip, Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and the Snowfairy Sparkle Massage Bar as my bath melt. BUT I do not recommend using this as a bath melt… it wouldn’t melt and left all these pink oil dots on the water which I eventually had to fish out of the water using a nylon sock because they were staining the tub everywhere… I do like this as a body butter bar but it’s a huge no for a bath melt.
The Granny Takes A Dip is sooo pretty in the water! I saw some people even cutting it up in pieces and throw it in instead of throwing it in whole. That way it will be even more colourfull but I haven’t tried that out yet. In my opinion this is yet another perfect fall bath bomb because it has such a peppery warm scent to it which is quit different but I liked it. I then put the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar in but that definitely overpowered the scent of the Granny Takes A Dip which was a bit dissapointing but it was okay caus I really like the scent of the Creamy Candy! Overall I loved this bath but if you want more of the Granny Takes A Dip scent I would recommend to use a little bit less Creamy Candy if you still want a little hint of the candy smell.

I used:
– Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb
– 1/2 Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
1/2 Snow Fairy Sparkle Bubble Bar as my bath melt  I do not recommend using that!

Current Favourites


Hey! I wanted to share some products that I’ve been loving whilst transitioning myself into the fall spirit/smells.

1. Bruno Banani Dangerous Women Parfume
So most of my current faves are “fall themed” but this was my go to summer perfume. It has coconut in it and while I don’t even like coconut at all I think this perfume is such a fruity creamy scent! I will wear this in fall/winter as well caus it is not too summery. I like the bottle as well.

2. The Bodyshop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt
Fall/winter= baths. And as you could see in my previous blogposts I am quiet getting addicted to baths these past months. I would love to take multiple Lush baths per week but that is just too expensive so I was looking around for other bath products. And The Bodyshop had a buy 1 get 1 50% off on their body products so I got this Bubble Bath Melt and a bodybutter. So ready for fall! I love this product caus you only need 3 teaspoons to get a very good amount of bubbles. This product will last forever!

3. OPI Peace and Love
I fell in love with this nailpolish… It reminds me so much of an oil slick! I can’t imagine how amazing this will look when I will have my claw nails again! Oh by the way, I just can’t do natural nails, my right hand is always a disaster of broken nails while my left hand is still perfect. So nope it will be gel nails for me haha! And OPI lasts forever!

4. New Shampoo Bar
My Lush bath bomb obsession is now beginning to be a Lush everything obsession haha. And I love to try out hair products so it was just a matter of time before I got this shampoo bar…woops. This claims to reduce hair loss, now I don’t know if that is true caus to be honest I haven’t been using this shampoo for a long time but I do love it so far. The smell is perfect for the fall/winter because it has such a cinnomy smell and holy crap you get sooo much lather from this. Just three strokes and bam. Lather, lather lather. When you rinse it out your hair feels a bit weird but when it dried it is soft and shiny! Yes I love this!

5. NYC Lip Lacquer in Turtle Bay Toffee
I can be very short on this one, it is my go to fall colour. It applies very easily but I wished it would last a bit longer for a long lasting claiming product tho. But I don’t mind because I love the colour! It is not that often that you see colours like this in drugstore collections!

6. Lush Kitchen
Lastly my favourite of this month is the Lush Kitchen. The idea is so amazing, a small group of people making small batches of limited special Lush products every day. The Lush Kitchen has a different menu every week. So far I ordered twice from the Kitchen and I love the personal feel to it. You get a cute poleroid photo of the Kitchen product being made with your order and everything is wrapped in special Kitchen wrappings as well!

IMG_20140909_172133Here is a pic of my last order, two Ma Bar Bubble Bars and a Sunny Side (Non Kitchen) Bubble Bar!

These were my current favourites, what are yours?


Outfit | Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Build Fires





I had the most positive vibe when I went to Rotterdam this afternoon. Some guys asked me If they could ask me a question and I was like sure. And then one asked which of them dressed better because girls always pick his friend… so random but so cute! These kind of spontanous conversations with complete strangers give me such a positive vibe!

So this top was somehow hidden for such a long time and I just couldn’t find it. And of course it was at the most logical random place ever. I am so happy that I found it again because I still LOVE this top! Decided to wear this denim jacket that I haven’t worn in a long time as well!

What I am wearing:
– Top (Romwe)
-Jacket (Romwe)
– Jeans (H&M)
– Shoes (Dr. Martens)

What gives you positive energy/vibes?

Pamper With Me #3 | Lush “Warm Dragon” Bath Cocktail



Hey guys! I am back with another Pamper With Me!

I am still doing some trials and errors with my bath bombs and “how to use them”. I have been experimenting with the amount of water, the ven, and all that stuff. Now for some of you who are lucky, you can just throw a bath bomb in and smell the amazing scents but no… it is not that simple here! Nooo.. I figured out that if I put too much water in (duh) the smell will dilute a lot! And unfortunately I wasn’t paying attention to the tub when doing this cocktail so I put too much too hot water in the tub so that’s why I didn’t smell a lot of the scents. However I did like the Dragons Egg effect in the water! The popping candy sounded like a bonfire to me which was very cozy and the gold is very pretty! I will definitely repurchase this bath bomb.

So for this bath cocktail I used:
The Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb
1/2 of Dorothy Bubble Bar
1/2 Soft Coeur Massage Bar as my bath melt